"We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging." -- Patch Adams     www.facebook.com/communitina        
Our Community was established in 2008 to uniquely fill the gap in supporting Eritreans to integrate into American life, provide support with social and employment services, and to build a culturally competent organization. The Center was conceived as a place where every generation of the Eritrean Diaspora could find comfort in various facets of their culture, preserve and practice unique traditions and celebrate festivals and social milestones in a welcoming environment. It was also designed to be a center where people of other cultures can explore and experience Eritrean traditions and values to unite the diverse community and raise awareness about Eritrean culture in the local community. We have served over 5,000 people in the local area since we first opened our doors.

Our Mission
  •  To serve as a springboard for a vibrant community geared towards empowering Eritrean-Americans
  • To preserve our heritage and history to strengthen cultural vitality
  • To provide wide range of services, skills, and resources towards economic self-sufficiency
  • To foster community by creating a place for family and friends to come together

Programs & Services
Educational Offerings
We provide tutoring and classes in basic English, computer skills, & Tigrigna language courses (approved by San Jose Unified School District to meet World Language requirements). In addition, a Friday Night Seminar Series provides valuable content across a variety of relevant topics like health, hygiene, & nutrition, domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse, financial planning, older adult services, and accessing employment/education, & much more. We host senior programs every Wednesday.

Arts, Culture, Sports & Recreation
We host a number of community events including traditional music and dance, cultural celebrations, culinary arts lessons, film viewings and much, much more. In addition, the center organizes several recreational programs for soccer, volleyball, and track and field.

Social Services & Support
We offer assistance and referral services for language interpretation, job training, immigration resources, drivers’ education, and tax preparation.

For further details on any of our programs and services, please contact us today at girmay@eritreancommunity.org.

Everyone is Welcome

On behalf of Eritrean community in santa clara community center, we would like to thank all the people who participated in this great cultural show.



A 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization made possible by the generous donations of our community

PRESS RELEASE$495,030 Awarded to Help Eritrean Immigrant & Refugee Integration.  For details click  here

Community Members Graduated with certificate in Computer and Arts Training

As part of the objective to upgrade skills of Refugee and Immigrant, the Eritrean Community Center of Santa Clara (ECC) offered six-month training in computer applications and arts, in Oakland project site, in collaboration with Global Communication, Education and Arts (GCEA). Members of the Eritrean community graduated after successfully completing the crush program. Seven of the graduates completed the computer classes while six completed the arts class. All of the trainees came to the US as refugees and are settled in California. The training run for the duration of six months in the space offered by GCEA. Many thanks to GCEA.

During the graduation ceremony, executive chairman and board of ECC, executive director of GCEA, members of the Eritrean community and other friends of Eritrean community attended the event. Mr. Yakob Wolde, the executive chairman of ECC in his speech, highlighted the major goals of ECC ever since its establishment. He elaborated that such training are among the major goals of ECC aimed at strengthening the community and support them through integration process for a successful endeavor. Mr. Yakob mentioned that ECC will continue to empower the community through training, information sessions and presentations and other means of support. In addition, Mrs. Almaz Yihdego, executive director of GCEA, highlighted that GCEA will always support community members through educational and social programs. She explained the major activities of GCEA and congratulated the trainees. Mrs. Leza from Artogether also came to support the program and she explained her impressions about the program.

Moreover, representatives of the trainees expressed their regards to ECC and GCEA and all instructors who were committed enough to plan, prepare and deliver the lessons. According to the representatives, the fact that the training had both theoretical and practical exercises made it interesting and highly educational. They mentioned that they would expect the community center to organize additional courses in the near future. During the graduation event, a short drama was presented by the trainees of the art class.
The computer class focused on Ms Windows, Ms word, Ms access, Ms excel, Ms power point, electronic file management, typing and text editing, resume writing and applications, full internet and electronic mail communications. And the arts class focused on instructions and practical training in introduction to art that included art concepts, poetry, short story, drama, script writing and film technique

Welcoming San Jose.  

The city of San Jose trying to be more welcoming and comfortable for all immigrants. The city is currently assessing the magnitude of welcoming and the service that immigrant getting around, so that to make immigrants feel more welcome and comfortable for every service. The assessment was done by establishing focus group at the partners agencies. ECC was one of the keen partners selected to participate in the evaluation mechanism, based on the concept papers that prepared by the immigrant affair of the city. The focus group discussion covered points  :-When do we imagine a community that is welcoming, what does it look like? -which areas of community life are most important for immigrants. Is it Economic, education, safety, social connection, or civic life? -What challenges, barriers, or obstacles are immigrants facing? -What kind of support from the City or community organizations would help make a difference? The discussion was interactive where different views and ideas raised. The meeting was moderated by great friend of ECC , Ellie Derak  chairwoman of Immigrant and Refugee Forum (IRF)  Her husband John volunteered taping the meeting. Many thanks to Ellie and John.