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Dear Members and Friends of ECC

About three months ago we hosted seminar on how to become Foster Parent and a call for Eritreans to foster parent young Eritreans. Since then a lot of progress has been made by our community in association with Catholic Charities. It is to be recalled that the seminar was presented by Miss Clair Collins from Catholic Charities and now Miss Collins will come back to our community to update us on the progress made to help Eritreans in refugee camps and more specifically on young Eritreans who will be coming to our area (Bay Area) in a few weeks.

We invite you to come and learn about the progress made and show your support to  the humanitarian effort made to fellow Eritreans.  

As usual the seminar will be accompanied with Delicious Dinner to be served by one of our community member.

Date:    Friday August 15, 2014   
Time:    7:00 PM
Place:    Eritrean Community Center: 
               1998 Homestead Rd, Suite 115
               Santa Clara, CA 95050

We believe this seminar will answer some of our community members who have questions regarding housing problems.This is a very important seminar. Nobody should miss it.