Dear members and friends of the Eritrean Community,
This is a friendly reminder that the Eritrean Community Center will be hosting a seminar presented by Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe on “Climate Change: What’s Soil Got to Do with It?” this Friday September 11th at our community center in Santa Clara.  We are grateful for Dr. Asmeret for taking time from her busy schedule to educate us on this important issue.
Many of us are familiar about global warming or climate change, but we may not quite understand the scientific knowledge behind it.  What is the consequence of the human impact on global warming? What it means to us, our children, and our grandchildren? 
Please come and take advantage on this important topic that would be presented by our own sister Dr. Asmeret.

On behalf of the members of Eritrean Community Center, we would like to thank you for your willingness to give such an outstanding presentation on "Climate Change: What's Soil Got to Do with It". 
This is exactly what we needed for our community. We learned a lot about the historical data on climate changes including the impact of temperature changes on the ecosystem. For those of us who follow the science, it is not hard to believe that climate change is a very real thing. How can anyone deny it is happening?
We thank you once again for your wonderful and exciting presentation. Your expertise and background on the subject is truly fascinating and would love to have you back at some future date whenever your schedule permits.
Warm Regards,
Eritrean Community Center
Thank you for those who came to our tonight's event. It was very informative and lots of services that our community can benefit from the Catholic Charities.  

Dear members and friends of our community, we are excited to bring you Dr. Jackie Copeland-Carson, Chief Operations Officer at Catholic Charities to our center on June 26th, next Friday.  Dr. Copeland-Carson's presentation is on "New Pathways of Opportunity and Hope:  An Introduction to Catholic Charities".   Check the attached flyer for details.  Don't miss this great opportunity